A heap of pieces of countless pieces of porcelain lies large room of the Kunstpalast. It's an attraction, a bunch of knickknacks. A concentrate of countless flea markets. Among them are grandmas good pieces from the glass cabinet, patterns and ornaments from bygone times. Colored and white. Wrong onion patterns, but also real Delftware vases. "Let's play" is the name of the bunch. And the great thing about it is that the Hetjens Museum bought it. 8,600 euros he was worth the museum director Daniela Antonin.

For more than eight years Beate Höing from Coesfeld has worked on it, or more precisely, collected it. Again and again she bought individual pieces. They were whole when she bought them. Then she disguised her, because she also works in her own works, creating her art from old and new. The collage is not so easy, because the purchased pieces are already burned, the own clay works shrink when burning. This makes it a surprise and a curiosity for them to play with the crowd, to look at it and to discover new things  . By the way: Also Bambi and Marienfiguren as well as figurines from the setting box are under it. An entire age of porcelain history celebrates resurrection.

Incidentally, the shambles were exhibited in Gothenburg last year. Even then a museum was interested in it. But there they were afraid to clean up. This is obviously not the case in Düsseldorf. The Great in the Ehrenhof can be visited until August 4th.




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