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DIALOGUE - Shaped Colours

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This year all our physical presentations are titled MONOLOGUE, DIALOGUE or TRIALOGUE - they are single, 2-person or 3-person exhibitions. A subtitle explains the respective thematic focus according to which the artistic positions were selected. In the case of "DIALOGUE - Shaped Colours", we juxtapose sculptural and painterly works by two artists who deal with form and colour formally and/or conceptually – Árpád Forgó in an abstract way and Moritz Moll in a figurative way.

Árpád Forgó (*1972) is interested in experimental painting, in the question of broadening the interpretation of non-figurative panel painting by keeping its painting feature and by exploring the borderline between painting and sculpture. His shaped canvas works are built from his pre-defined modular system, where structure, shape, measurements and rhythm as well as the planar and spatial relationships are in the focus of his research. He is intensively experimenting with materials in order to create different surfaces that characterise each of his works. In recent years, the rectangular modules were tilted and the new parallelogram-shaped modules made the compositions dynamic.
Árpád Forgó's works fit into the stream of contemporary art, which develops the heritage of abstraction with its own methods. The versatility of his compositions only opens up to the viewer when he moves in front of the work; surrounding space, air, light, shadow become part of it.
The artist, who lives in Budapest, clearly follows the tradition of Concrete Art, but expands it with a playful approach and a love of experimentation. Forgó creates works with a luminosity and colour intensity that offer us wonderfully sensual stimuli. He seduces the viewer to look closely and check whether he can believe his eyes. The subtle gradient of colour on a canvas, for example, is created by the curvature of a slightly three-dimensional stretched canvas. Here the artist explores the boundary between "shaped canvas" and object-like pictorial body. Yet his works always remain paintings and do not question it. The colours the artist uses radiate. The reflection of them on the wall extends the picture beyond its boundaries. The craft element of his mostly formally reduced constructions is always important and always of great appeal. Beauty and joy as a moment of experience are in successful dialogue with deliberate conceptual limitation.

Moritz Moll (*1991) graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (AdBK) in 2021. His works have already been shown in several exhibitions in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.
Moll combines figure and space with the means of colour to create idiosyncratic compositions that grip the viewer in an immediate way. His portraits capture subtle and intimate moments of everyday life. In the process, the intensive examination of form, material and gesture increasingly becomes the pure occasion for a painting that lives entirely from the exciting interpenetration of two- and three-dimensionality.


03/03 – 15/04/2023




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