Duo Show

Birds of Prey / Once Upon a Time in China

Double solo exhibition with works by Anna Genger (* 1978) and Viviane Gernaert (* 1976) ... more >
Parallel solo exhibitions with sculptures by Viviane Gernaert (* 1976, lives and works in Hamburg) and paintings by Anna Genger (* 1978, lives and works in Hamburg).  

Anna Genger
Birds of Prey
"In the evening, when the bells ring peace, I follow the birds of wonderful flights, The long-ranged, equally pious pilgrimages, Escape in the autumnally clear expanses. Walking through the dusky garden I dream about her brighter fate And feel the hours wise no more move. So I follow their rides over clouds. Then a touch makes me tremble with decay. The blackbird complains in the leafless branches. It varies the red wine on rusty bars, But how pale children go on to die Around dark well edges that weather, In the wind, shivering blue asters tend. " Decline / Georg Trakl
Viviane Gernaert
Once upon a time in China
Hopelessness - persisst in external beauty and materiality. The excessiveness of desires, sensory overload - and yet such an empty existence. The dramaturgy of a wing beat - transience of the moment - the feelings and the confrontation with the eternal struggle to finally hold the beauty of fleeting sensations. Happiness does not seem to last long in a cage. Letting go of longings - absorbing, curbing instincts - living impulses. The colorful, self-absorbed battle of opposites - Anna Genger's Picturesque Philosophy of Being. The sculptures made of fabric, for which Viviane Gernaert is known, find themselves in a tense moment of suspense that only hints at a before or after and disarms the observer through the dynamic, seeming rigidity. Gernaert refers to film scenes from action and martial arts film productions in her art work and examines how pain, strength, loss of control and injury are visualized in contemporary film. Viviane Gernaert captures the movement and action of filmic images, which in the next moment are already being replaced by others, in her sculptures, thus fixing a multilayered plot in a single expression. Studied in Hamburg living artist (* 1976 in Munich) at the College of Fine Arts in Hamburg. Works Gernaerts are represented in various German and European (private) collections.
15/04 – 14/05/2016



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