Gisela Krohn

Rutengänger im Stillen

First solo exhibition by bavarian-based artist Gisela Krohn (*1966) ... more >

On display are paintings and acrylic on canvas. A catalog has been published for the exhibition.

The painter Gisela Krohn (* 1966 in Cologne, lives in Bavaria) studied with the Cologne painter Paul Greven and in Berlin at the Hochschule der Künste with Werner Liebmann and Hans Schimansky. Her artistic sense of space and her mastery of large format canvases have been trained by Gisela Krohn as a long-time theater painter. Her work focuses on the subject of landscape.

These are the words used by Rolf Eisenburg, the late painter and friend of the artist, to summarize the essence of her work. Gisela Krohn’s painting is completely dedicated to nature, which she keeps rediscovering anew through a wide range of themes and with extraordinary diversity: water, forests, paths, the sky, clouds. Often placed in a clear central perspective, her pictures appear to be kaleidoscopic, sometimes radiant and full of shimmering light, and sometimes somber and mysterious – but always devoid of people. Gisela Krohn’s landscapes are intended not only to delight, but also to warn the viewer: nature doesn’t need us humans, but we need nature.

05/09 – 02/10/2015



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