Gisela Krohn

Hidden Places

Solo show of the Cologne based artist Gisela Krohn (* 1966) ... more >

Hidden Places is the second solo exhibition by Gisela Krohn at Galerie Biesenbach.

Shown are new paintings, acrylic on canvas. A catalog has been published for the exhibition. The painter Gisela Krohn (* 1966 in Cologne, lives and works in Berlin and on Lake Starnberg) studied with the Cologne painter Paul Greven and in Berlin at the Hochschule der Künste with Werner Liebmann and Hans Schimansky.

Her artistic sense of space and her mastery of large format canvases have been trained by Gisela Krohn as a long-time theater painter. Her work focuses on the subject of landscape.

The theme of endangered nature runs like a red thread through her oeuvre. "I'm interested in the intimate penetration of nature and human culture. I think my paintings are like a rift going through nature and people alike, "says the artist. Nature experience has been an epochal and intergenerational theme since the Renaissance. Modern artists such as Gisela Krohn deal with nature and landscape ambiguously: melancholic-romantic aspects and dream-mood are in addition to feelings of alienation from nature and the growing ignorance of man against the destruction of nature and the threat of nature around the world. In addition to this aspect, the forest subject in particular enables a metaphysical examination of issues such as transience and impermanence as well as the constant change of becoming and passing away.
Even though people in Gisela Krohn's pictures only indirectly, for example, through paths, paths or towers in the forest landscape, but always creates a synthesis of the outside and inside world. And whether the artist opens her "studio" in the wintry forests of Canada or in the Bavarian mountain world in order to "face reality", as Gisela Krohn herself says, her works always reveal a deeper dimension: in her organic Structure, fragility and vulnerability are similar to nature.
In a subtle play of colors and fascinating compositions Gisela Krohn succeeds in addressing the beauty of nature and its threat in equal measure.
04/03 – 22/04/2017



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