Group Show

Olivier Masmonteil
J.A.D.I. 5, 2013
Öl auf Leinwand, 197 x 163 cm


6 artists from Paris for the 5th city exhibition ... more >
After London 1.0, the exhibition series continued with cities such as Berlin, Paris, Cologne, Athens and Tokyo. With Berlin 2.0, and London 2.0 it went for different cities already in the second round. The Gallery Biesenbach continues with Paris 2.0, painting, sculpture and photography by 6 artists from Paris.

In collaboration with the Institut français Köln and ARTE Actions Culturelles, we are continuing our cities exhibition serie and presenting, for the second time, artists from the French capital. 

Young art from the metropolises: In the summer of 2012, London-based artists kicked off a new series of recurring exhibitions at the Biesenbach Gallery.

What is happening in the art capitals of the world? What is driving young painters, sculptors and photographers today? What are the tendencies? These were, from the beginning, the fundamental questions behind this new series of group exhibitions, starting with a selection of emerging artists from the British capital: London 1.0.

Rather than looking for similarity within their works, we have chosen to focus on the diversity that makes up the artistic richness of these cultural hubs. Working in different fields and media, the link between these artists is that they live in the same city. Discovered at renowned art schools or in young galleries, at art fairs or by word of mouth, they exemplify the eclectic nature of the art scene in their metropolis.

In cooperation with curators, galleries and artists, the result is an exciting and interesting event, giving the observers a chance to discover other art worlds and offering the artists a platform to present their work in Cologne and Germany, some of them for the first time.

After London 1.0, we continued the exhibition series with cities such as Berlin, Paris, Cologne and Athens. We have subsequently revisited some of the cities with Berlin 2.0 and London 2.0. And in late November 2015, Paris 2.0 will again be presenting artists from the French capital.

In the future, Biesenbach Gallery will continue providing a loosely orchestrated insight into current trends and developments regarding different art centres in the world. The opening of Tokyo 1.0 is already planned for May 2016. Other important art cities such as New York and Los Angeles will be in the focus of our exhibition series in 2017.

21/11/2015 – 16/01/2016

Cécile Granier de Cassagnac
Olivier Masmonteil

Catherine Seher

Mai Tabakian

Francoise de la Tour

Marc Turlan




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