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TRIALOGUE – Traces of Form & Colour

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This year, all our physical presentations are titled MONOLOGUE, DIALOGUE or TRIALOGUE - they are single, 2-person or 3-person exhibitions. A subtitle explains the respective thematic focus according to which the artistic positions were selected. In the case of "TRIALOGUE – Traces of Form & Colour", we juxtapose sculptures (form) and paintings (colour) by three abstract artists.

Characterised by his goal for emotional detachment, coldness, and distance, Nicolò Baraggioli's work seeks to emphasise the importance of the object through non-expressive and anti-subjective art. Focusing on elements such as surface, material, shape, thickness, angle, and chromaticism, Baraggioli’s work is first and foremost about the creation of object in place of representation. Based nearly exclusively on geometric shapes, his pieces are often modules that can repeat and be combined into small and medium-sized structures that result in sculptural installations. Baraggioli was born in 1985 and lives and works in Genoa.

The works of Sergio Femar (*1990, lives and works in Galicia, Spain) keep a reminiscence of the refined use of material of Arte Povera, but he indicates a new way to approach it through the various cuts made with wood. Slices of this material are coloured and assembled to create unique and serene reflections. “My work stands between the calm of the studio and the frenetic pace of contemporary culture and its ephemeral nature. It leads the vandal act to a mature reflection, in other words, brings back the joys of creation without feeling restricted by academic pressure, by using risk as the connecting element between vertigo and serenity.”

Douglas Witmer (American, born in Winchester, Virginia, in 1971) is an internationally exhibiting artist based in Philadelphia. Witmer completed his BA at Goshen College in Indiana and subsequently graduated with an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2001. For over two decades, Douglas Witmer has steadily pursued a personal inquiry into the materiality of the painted object, refining his processes within the framework of reductive abstract painting. His elemental compositional structures are activated by sensuous colours and various improvised gestural and incidental actions. His ongoing interest is establishing a visual place that offers someone an open invitation for a personal experience of seeing and feeling.


06/10 – 25/11/2023

Nicolò Baraggioli

Sergio Femar

Douglas Witmer




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