Sergio Femar

Alles ist möglich

07/05 – 18/06/2022
2nd solo exhibition of Sergio Femar in the gallery … more >

The works of Sergio Femar (*1990 in Galicia, Spain) recall the refined use of materials of Arte Povera, but he shows a new way to approach it through the different cuts in the wood. Found pieces of this material are painted, sprayed and assembled to create unique and serene reflections. With Alles ist möglich, we present a cross-section of Femar's current artistic creation with textile works and sculptural objects as well as paintings and drawings.

"What you see is what you get. It is this experience that always provokes me the contemplation of Sergio Femar’s work: far from representation, his paintings and sculptures bring news of themselves.

We feel attracted by the composition, we wander around surfaces, we pay attention to the matter, we are often amazed by its sense of scale... Without previous emotional or anecdotal referents, his work introduces itself as a self-referential object in all of its physical forcefulness. If any “issue” arouses our reflection it will be the painting, its internal mechanisms, the traces of the process of being, very presents in his best works. The attempts and the trials survive in the present forcefulness of the work, even if they had been abandoned, taking on new life at that moment of contemplation. All the doing and undoing, as in a palimpsest, form the essence of the painting that unfolds to our contemplation: random and full at the same time. It is not surprising that his pieces result in an enormous variety of materials and supports, of formats and notes, always abounding in the creative process, until the artist stops it in its exact point: the one that illuminates us.

Therefore, when it seems that Sergio creates a sculpture, it is noting more than the painting incarnated in three dimensions, because the chance of an encounter, the suggestion of a material, the review of a support, led him there. And that is the originality that distinguishes him from other artists of his generation: the insistence on gestures, on the act of painting, when other languages and media invade the artistic space."

Paco de Blas, Cultural Curator




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