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New works by Lionel Sabatté (born 1975 in Toulouse)

Lionel Sabatté resurrects life from the discarded and the unexpected. He procures dust from Paris’ busiest subway stations, vegetable fibres and even from himself – scraps of dead skin and fingernails. All these materials converge into a menagerie of lifelike sculptures, some based on real creatures and others, fantastical. His latest works, are a myriad of dreamy colours across paintings. Amidst willows of psychedelic hues is a hint of a face, a snout or a pair of eyes. Whatever it is, Sabatté leaves it to the imagination of the viewer and gives little clues in the name of these works. Thus, the name of the exhibition — île — encourages the audience to look beyond the unconventional mediums and aesthetics, and discover Sabatté’s stories of being human and the environment. He shares with us insight to his work and how he imagines his creatures.

07/09 – 02/11/2019

Friday 6 September
6 – 10 pm
Gallery Tour/Season Start


Saturday 5 October
12 – 6 pm
new presentation


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Tuesday – Friday 11 am – 7 pm
Saturday 12 – 4 pm
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