Group Show


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Five group exhibitions with five vernissages in five weeks.
PORN 13/01-20/01, NATURE 20/01-27/01, CELLULOSE 27/01-03/02, ABSTRACT 03/02-10/02, FACES 10/02-18/02
The works were selected according to the themes and thus 13 artists were shown again and again in a new composition.
30/6 – 25/08/2018

Rebecca Bournigault (FR)
Markus Fräger (DE)
Charlotte Hopkins Hall (GB)
David R. L. Jones (GB)

Gisela Krohn (DE)
Yoshio Ogawa (JP)
Lionel Sabatté (FR)
Cathrine Seher (FR)

Diamtis Sotiropoulos (GR)
Mai Tabakian (FR)
Tina Winkhaus (DE)
Hideaki Yamanobe (JP)