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"My work moves between the tranquility of my studio and the frenetic pace of contemporary culture and its transient nature. It leads the vandalism to a mature reflection, in other words, it brings back the joys of creation without feeling restricted by academic pressure. Risk is used as a link between dizziness and serenity.
My work must be connected to the current moment and the streets: art reflects the immediate present; it is part of our daily lives, objects that I find and transform. I believe in the idea of the full-time artist and that a work of art is subject to constant change.
Before I start to work, there is no other project in my head, materials come to me and so I start to connect with them, listen to their suggestions, I let the artwork flow and develop myself through this.
The French painter lives and works in Paris. Catherine Seher captures impressive views, often depicting figures in various landscapes, and evokes a strong sense of anonymity and isolation in her work.
By capturing the essence of a particular environment, but taking all the elements of meaning from it, Seher reduces the art of landscape and figure to its element and forces the viewer of her works to consider the mechanisms by which each component of the work is created. The result is a complete work that opens up the universality of art itself, one anonymous figure or view after another.




Dear Sir or Madam,
dear friends of the gallery,

In light of recent developments, we are postponing our April exhibition "jux·ta·po·si·ti·on" with works by Sergio Femar and Catherine Seher to the beginning of September.

On our website, you will find more information about the exhibition and the artists represented by the gallery. We are happy to send you images of available works on request and remain available to you by email: art@galerie-biesenbch.com and by phone: 0049-174 490 96 35.

It is important to us to continue to support and promote art and culture online and in social media. Over the next few days, we will launch an Open Call to ask artists worldwide to submit works for the online only group exhibition "ART MATTERS", which will be presented exclusively on our website and Instagram feed in April.

The next exhibition in our space (Haus der Stiftungen, Zeughausstraße 26, 1st floor, 50667 Cologne) is scheduled to open on Friday 5 June : "M O N O C H R O M O S" features works by Nicolò Baraggioli, Dominique Chapuis, Fault Lines, Árpád Forgó, Timothy Schmitz and Nicholas Szymanski.

We are happy if you visit our website regularly and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to find out about our current activities.

So: Stay home and stay healthy - and stay online!

Kind regards,
Stéphane Biesenbach and Bettina Rogulla



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