Group Show

Another Summer of Paper

Group show with paper works by 20 international artists ... more >

19 artists – one theme: Paper as a medium for contemporary art – diversity in form, material usage and motives. Painting, drawing, (original) graphic, sculpture and objects by the following artists: 

Elvira Bach, Rebecca Bournigault, Markus Fräger, Anna Genger, Viviane Gernaert, Wolf Hamm, Charlotte Hopkins Hall, José Gomes, David Jones, Gisela Krohn, Jupp Linssen, Wieland Payer, Lionel Sabatté, Catherine Seher, Diamantis Sotiropoulos, Thitz, Hideaki Yamanobe, Qi Yang und Susanne Zuehlke.

27/06 – 29/08/2015

Elvira Bach
Rebecca Bournigault
Markus Fräger
Anna Genger
Viviane Gernaert
José Gomes
Wolf Hamm

Charlotte Hopkins Hall
David Jones
Gisela Krohn
Jupp Linssen
Wieland Payer
Lionel Sabatté
Catherine Seher

Diamantis Sotiropoulos
Hideaki Yamanobe
Qi Yang
Susanne Zuehlke