Lionel Sabatté

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Lionel Sabatté (* 1975 in Toulouse, lives and works in Paris and Los Angeles) uses unusual materials such as self-collected dust, finger / toenails, dead skin, huge stumps and coins for his sculptures.
He draws and paints with oil paints, but also uses dust, hair, cement and rust on paper and canvas. The result is extraordinary works of art full of poetry that evoke disgust - but in fact the materials the artist uses only testify to our existence. As a reflection on time, Sabatté's works question death, life and its regeneration. When he sculptures prepared but damaged butterflies of fingernails and skin a filigree body, he gives the dead insects a new life, which he presents - again like a collector - as in an art and Wunderkabinett.
In his third solo exhibition in Germany, the artist presents sculptures and oil canvas. Sabatté's works can be found in well-known public collections in France, China and the USA, and in Germany, for example, in the collection of the Altana Cultural Foundation.
07/09 – 02/11/2019