Duo Show

Sugimura | Yamanobe

Duo solo exhibition with works by Sakiko Sugimura (*1988) and Hideaki Yamanobe (*1964) ... more >

Hideaki Yamanobe (*1964 in Tokyo) lives and works in Germany and Japan. Indebted to both the eastern and the western tradition, he quickly developed his own unique visual expression. The materiality of his works, with their sometimes transparent then more opaque layers, based on black and white painting, correspond in a complex way with spatial and atmospheric references. Graphical elements, lines and scratches, lend the works rhythm and a formal consolidation. With the most sparing means and on the basis of reduced colour, which allows the richly diverse hues to unfold, striking visual concepts are developed.

Sakiko Sugimura (*1988 in Tokyo, lives and works in Tokyo) creates seemingly fragile miniature sculptures preferably made of bronze and aluminum, whereby especially the bronze castings in lost form are particularly influenced by chance.

24/06 – 26/08/2017