Ji Eun Lee


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New works by Ji Eun Lee (born 1984 in Seoul)

Artist statement:
In my practice, I mainly work with sculpture. In my sculptures, I use various materials: bronze, plaster, wood, silicone, and even usual materials from daily life. I attempt to question the visualization of the the invisible quality found in a variety of spaces -from spaces humans inhabit, to the space in between the walls, cracks in the floor, or the hollowness in an object. These spaces are easily forgotten and Iā€™m trying to reflect these areas in my work. For example, I create an installation using plaster and plastic bags to accentuate the empty feeling and the borderline between the interior and the exterior. I spread the plaster with a brush on a blowed plastic vinyl bag; the more plaster I put on it, the easier it becomes to see the form of it. When I remove the vinyl, the layer becomes clearly visible and it reflects both the inside and the outside of character. As another example, I fill with some materials like clay or silicone the small holes in a weaved basket made of bamboo or willow branches. With this work I point out the structure of the surface, which is created by repeatedly filling the empty spaces.

07/09 ā€“ 02/11/2019