Graphic Surgery

live and work in Amsterdam

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Gysbert Zijlstra (NL 1978) and Erris Huigens (NL 1978) derive their inspiration from the industrial or urban landscape, in particular the strict functional character of steel structures, scaffolding and construction cranes. The temporary nature of these construction sites and the fact that they are not meant to be aesthetically beautiful fascinates them. The crane as the universal symbol of transforming cities, and the key element of Graphic Surgery’s visual vocabulary.


born as Erris Huigens and Gysbert Zijlstra
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Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions

2020 Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne (G)
Mini Galerie, Amsterdam (G
2019 Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne (G)
Mini Galerie, Amsterdam (G)
Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne (G)
Freud Monk Gallery, online (G)
2018 Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne (G)
Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne (G)
2017 Mini Galerie, Amsterdam (S)
Plastic Murs, Valencia (G)
Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne (G)
Tiger Strikes Asteroid, New York (G)
Buitenplaats Koningsweg, Arnheim (G)
Rottstr5 Kunsthallen, Bochum (S)
Replica (Without Pause), Dayton (S)
PHK18, Rotterdam (G)
Galleria Varsi, Rom (G)
Park, Tilburg (G)
2016 Galerie T, Düsseldorf (S)
Galerie Celal, Paris (S)
Mini Galerie, Amsterdam (G)
Koel310, Alkmaar (G)
Papier Biënnale, Museum Rijswijk (G)
Golden Hands Gallery, Hamburg (G)
ACEC, Apeldoorn (G)
Schau Fenster Galerie, Berlin (G)
Le Pavillon, Caen (G)
ACEC, Apeldoorn (G)
2015 Mini Galerie, Amsterdam (G)
886 Geary Gallery, San Francisco (S)
Kelderman en van Noort, Eindhoven (S)
Mini Galerie, Amsterdam (G)
Vkhutemas, Moscow (G)
Outdoor - Here, Now, Rom (G)
Galerie T, Düsseldorf (G)
Mini Galerie (G)
Casa Altrove, Catanzaro (G)
ACEC/Gigant, Apeldoorn (G)
2014 Somerset House, London (G)
Converse, Amsterdam (G)
Mini Galerie, Amsterdam (S)
Nexus Galerie, Reims (S)
Mini Galerie, Amsterdam (G)
Gamma Transport Division, Edinburgh (G)
Galerie Celal, Paris (G)
2013 White Walls Gallery, San Francisco (G)
Mini Galerie, Rotterdam (G)
Prism, curated for Andenken, Amsterdam (G)
Mini Galerie, Amsterdam (G)
Openspace Gallery, Paris (G)
CCO, Osaka (G)
Oz projectspace, Amsterdam (G)