Jans Muskee

lives and works in Groningen

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The fate that Oedipus will undergo is inevitable. The curse of his father rests upon him, and without knowing it he murders his father, marries his mother, copulates with her, and begets four children. Then comes the moment of truth. Jocasta, his mother, wife and lover, hangs herself in their bedroom. Oedipus discovers her body, realizes what has happened, and puts out both his eyes. For the rest of his life he wanders in darkness, a fugitive, homeless and outlawed. Guilty as hell. Or not?

The classics are not particularly kind to us, and certainly not in the context of sex, violence, pain, and double-crossing. In comparison to the heroes of Sophocles, the characters in Jans Muskee’s drawings are very commonplace, almost colourless. So why are these drawings so distressing? Why is it so much more disturbing to view a drawing by Muskee than it is to read an old myth, a dirty novel, or a topical news article?

Although Muskee usually restricts himself to the exact reproduction of visual reality, the drama that lurks under the surface is painfully obvious in his drawings. There is a reality that you do not see behind the façade. The drawings are carefully staged, the events are placed in a sharp theatrical light, and they reveal precisely what you are not supposed to see: frustrations, obsessions, pain, guilt, anxiety, and incapacity. Jans Muskee shows us the naked truth, in all its lousy triviality. He reproduces the cool facts.

Excerpt from Meta Knol



born in Nieuw-Amsterdam
  • Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten “Minerva”, Groningen
  • Rijksacademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam


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Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions

“cherry picking”, galerie with tsjalling:, Groningen
PAN, coll Harms Rolde, Amsterdam
“First Decade”, 38cc, Delft
“OGENBLIKSEM#9”, Studio Omstand, Arnhem
“BigArt”, Bijlmerbajes, Amsterdam
“ATH Drawing”, Fokker Terminal, Den Haag
“De line up”, Centraal Museum, Utrecht
“ILVSX”, De Tank, Brugge (B)
“OGENBLIKSEM#8”, Studio Seine, Rotterdam
“Tussen Kunst en Geschiedenis”, Stedelijk Museum Coevorden, Coevorden
KunstRai, coll Harms Rolde, Amsterdam
“Menage á trois”, galerie with tsjalling:, Groningen, Sin Arts Gallery, Den Haag, Qlick Gallery, Amsterdam
Art&Antik Messe Münster, galerie with tsjalling:, Münster (D)
“BigArt”, De Zonnewijser, Amsterdam
“Kunst op de Koffie”, Spijkerkwartier, Arnhem
“Witteveen Drawing”, Loods 6, Amsterdam
“Faktor X – das Chromosom der Kunst”, Haus der Kunst, München (D)
“OGENBLIKSEM#7”, galerie Shoobil, Antwerpen (B)
“Absoluut Misschien”, Drents Museum, Assen
“Everything is a balloon”, galerie with tsjalling:, Groningen
“ik was je”, PARK, Tilburg
Art&Antik Messe Münster, galerie with tsjalling:, Münster (D)
“What next? Picture Tomorrow”, 38CC, Delft
RCA Fair, Fields of Dreams, Rotterdam
“De cirkel is rond”, Atelier Horneman, Groningen
“BigArt”, CapitalC, Amsterdam
“one word on the phone makes me happy”, Albus Lux, Roosendaal
“de appel, tussen schuld en onschuld”, Museum De Buitenplaats, Eelde
“Drawing Rooms” (2), PAK, Gistel (BE)
“the dot on the i between the h and the t” (reprise), Schoutenstraat, Utrecht (E)
“Lustrum”, galerie with tsjalling:, Groningen
“Spiegel im Spiegel”, Sint-Amandus, Beernem (BE)
“No more secrets”, PAK, Gistel (BE)
“Smashing windows on an early sundaymorning (reprise)”, galerie with tsjalling:, Utrecht (E)
NOK, Voormalig Grietennijhuis, Beetsterzwaag
“Crows are following us”, FB69 gallery, Münster (D)
2013 “Anniversary Show”, FB69 gallery, Münster
“Twee Solo’s”, Drawing Centre, Diepenheim
“Mirror of the Unknown”, galerie Helder, Den Haag
2012 “Who told you so? – thruth versus family”, Onomatopee, Eindhoven (G)
“Without you I am getting lost” galerie with tsjalling:, Groningen (E)
2011 “Gevaarlijk Jong”, Museum Dr. Guislain Gent (BE)
“Rub”, galerie with tsjalling:, Groningen
“All About Drawing”, Stedelijk Museum, Schiedam
2010 “Open Your Eyes”, MoRepr.Art/Blue Episode, Utrecht
2009 “The Solo Project”, Flatland gallery, Basel (CH)
“tekenen nu “, galerie Majke Hüsstegel, ‘s Hertogenbosch
2008 “Contemporary Art Ruhr”, galerie new Untitled, Essen (D)
” Longstories”, Torch gallery, Amsterdam
“The world is really gonna love you”, galerie new Untitled, Venlo
2007 “Um die Ecke”, Kulturpalast Wedding, Berlin (D)
ArtBrussel, Flatlandgallery, Brussel (B)
“You make it easy to watch the world withlove”,Flatlandgallery,Utrecht
2006 “Floating in your rainbow coloured eyes”, Noortse Bosch, Amsterdam
2005 “Playtime”, Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussel (B)



Centraal Museum Utrecht / Glas Terra / UMCG