Jazoo Yang

lives and works in Berlin

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Jazoo Yang (*1979) is a South-Korean multi and mixed media artist based in Berlin. She often distorts public spaces to profound ends. With a mixture of concept-focused art and an intriguing visual palette, she questions the relationship between ourselves and the spaces that we inhabit. Her more recent practice has focused on the transformation of housing in the city and the gentrification that is pushing local residents from their homes. The "Immanence Series (Materials Series)" is an amalgamation of the diverse, the distant, and the disregarded. Formed of the lost fragments of urban life that she rescues before their inevitable disappearance – remnants of a building’s outer walls, scraps of wallpaper from an interior, the remains of antique tiles – these often silent, ignored objects are here transformed from the mundane, and framed to acknowledge the immensity of the intimate.

Furthermore, while developing projects related to the issues of redevelopment, Yang keeps an interest in what the original senses of human beings might be like within the rapid changes of a city. The speed of city life runs much faster than that of the human body, thus enforcing its speed on the people living in that city. This situation, maybe even a violent one, may damage delicate aspects of the human senses.

Yang is not only concerned with the material elements that make up our cities and about those living there, she also devotes herself to the details of natural systems, which unfold in urban space, yet remain invisible.

About the "Immanence" series:
The various collected materials which are not fixed to the canvas are combined with a highly fluid, liquid resin. Also, since the resulting surface is the bottom part of a mold, Yang cannot predict the result while working. This causes tension like gambling every moment. However, it is the gambling for creative coincidence combined with intuition, and any unconscious motive that goes beyond the artist's intention.



born in South Korea
Space AGIT - project production grant/ Residency, Busan, South Korea
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture - grant
Space CAN Beijing - project production grant/Residency, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China
Ilmac Culture Foundation - project production grant/Residency, Busan, South Korea
GlogauAIR - Artist in Residence, Berlin
Le Polau - Artist in Residence, Saint Pierre Des Courps, France
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Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions

2022 Where the Rubber Meets the Road, Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne (G)
Between Particles and Waves, Metaverse Space, Minecraft (G)
Galerie Anna25, Berlin (E)
Greetings to the others, Soma art space 700, Berlin (S)
Between Particles and Waves, Metaverse Space, Minecraft (G)
We were taught to be mindful of all that we saw upon the journey, meanwhile elsewhere c/o Soma art space 300, Berlin (S)
EARTH, Haus am Lutzowplatz Studio Galerie, Berlin (G)
Two Degrees Plus, Artrmx , Cologne (G)
One Last Thing, meanwhile elsewhere, Leipzig (G)
SITE COLLECTIVE, Space K, Gwacheon, South Korea (S)
Desire Lines Art Project, Oslo (G)
CUCKOO Public Art Festival 2019, Kukacka, Ostrava, Czech Republic (G)
CASH IS KING, Saatchi Gallery, London (G)
INS GEGENSTANDSLOSE, Gallery Irrgang, Leipzig (G)
Castlemaine State Festival 2019, The Historic Market Hall Building, Castlemaine, Australia (G)
Nuart Festival, Stavanger, Norway (G)
Bien Urbain Art Festival, Besancon, France (G)
Stolen Times, Maison de l'Architecture de Franche-Comte, Besancon, France (S)
2017 Silver Sehnsucht, Experimental B-side to London Frieze Art Fair, The Silver Building, London (G)
The 1st Jeju Biennale 2017, Jeju, South Korea (G)
Increasingly Deeper Layers of The Past, Gallery Boan-Inn, Seoul (G)
Unexpected Wall, Busan Culture Foundation, South Korea (S)
2015 Vibration, Performance, MOVING ART PROJECT, Tangyang Art Center, Xian, China (S)
Reborn, Gallery SHINGYO, Seoul (S)
Cocoon, Space K, Gwacheon, South Korea (G)
MOVING TRIENNALE, Busan, South Korea (G)
CANVAS INSTRUMENT, Performance, Haikou International Art Festival, China (S)
WALL, Space CAN, Beijing 798 Art Zone, China (S)
LOST IN THIS MOMENT, Jazoo Yang x Haku Sungho, Gallery Unofficial Preview, Seoul Culture Foundation, Seoul (S)
2012 Gallery Nomads Project, Gallery Nomads, Marseille (G)
Microscope Gallery, New York (G)
Street Art Doping 2012 Edition, Chmielna District, Warsaw (G)
Asia Performance Art Festival, Performance, Art in Nature, Busan, South Korea (S)
2011 We Don't Blame You, Kunsthaus Bethanien, Berlin (S)
Frugal Aesthetics, Museum Gail, Seoul (G)
Big Boy Project, Performance, Art Center Doosan, Seoul (S)
Public Collections
  • Museum of Time, Besancon, France
  • Foundation Kolon, South Korea
  • Boan 1942, Seoul, South Korea




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