José Gomes

lives and works in Cologne

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Creation and destruction, life and death - in this field of tension move the drawings of José Gomes. With a clear reference to Brazilian nature and culture, his works on paper are partly like collages, which develop a strong image depth. Gomes's research for his drawings also includes the study of drone images of Brazilian jungles, which make it very clear how these important habitats are destroyed. These insights as well as the examination of Brazilian art history and crafts flow into Gomes' filigree drawings, in which the figurative is often broken by abstract elements and thereby tells a very own story.

Dr. Carla Cugini | Managing Director of the society for modern art of Museum Ludwig in Cologne



born in Espírito Santo, Brazil
1988-94 Universität Espírito Santo, Brazil
2004-05 Academy of Arts Düsseldorf under Prof. A.R. Penck
2012 Artist-in-Residency, Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice
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Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions

2019 Artist-in-Residency, Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice
Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne (G)
2018 Offene Ateliers, Cologne (S)
Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne (G)
FinArts, Berlin (G)
2017 Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne (G)
2015 Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne (G)
2014 Brasilianische Botschaft und Rosalux, Berlin (G)
2013 Archivio Emily Harvey, Venice(G)
2012 Archivio Emily Harvey, Venice (G)
2011 Site specific, Cologne (G)
2010 Offene Ateliers, Cologne (S)
2008 Oi – Temporärer Ausstellungsraum, Cologne (S)
unter freiem Himmel, Düsseldorf (G)
2002 Bi-Pi’s Kulturgalerie, Cologne (S)
2001 Galeria Homero Massena, Vitória, Brazil (S)
Galeria Homero Massena, Vitória, Brazil (G)




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