Krystyna Fitz-Harris

lives and works/studies in Düsseldorf and Cologne

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What is autonomy? Through both our upbringing and environmental influences, we are shaped into a being that seems to think it is independent and independently driven. Against this background, my current works deal with the question of a woman's desire and lust. This refers to that group of people who identify as female.

Are these feelings influenced by the male gaze? How much are our upbringing and experiences at an early age responsible for what sexual preferences we have? According to my observations, the subconscious and strong stimuli from the male-dominated society influence women's sexuality.

Furthermore, I ask myself to what extent we deal with these learned patterns and experience sexual pleasure: It seems that there is still not much talk about women's desire. The paintings often deal with taboo subjects and desire beyond one or the other.

hot girl summer

Hot girl summer' is a conceptual work composed of several parts. The symbols created from Window Color, such as condoms with rhinestones, high heels with artificial eyelashes, thongs and fingers with 'fake nails' were glued onto two mirrors. In addition, as part of the 2022 tour at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, all public toilet mirrors were fitted with these symbols. Thus, a line of the work ran through the entire building and one could take selfies in the mirror with the exhibited work in the room and with the glued works on the toilets and present oneself with them on social media. The term 'hot girl summer' is an attitude towards life, mainly invented and coined by rapper Megan Thee Stallion.'

'It's about feeling confident in who you are-and having fun and looking good while doing it,'' are the lyrics of the song behind it. This trend is meant to serve as an empowerment and plead for more self-confidence. The artist emphasised that this call does not only apply to women, but may inspire everyone.

The choice of material for my work was meant to bring lightness and a humorous effect to the work. Window colour is largely used by children and is used to decorate windows in many children's rooms. It was meant to represent a kind of playful, confident and humorous form of tagging. Tagging means marking a certain territory and finds its origin in the graffiti scene. In this type of urban tagging, central locations are often chosen to attract as much attention as possible. Often the graffiti scene is still perceived as very male-dominated. The work was intended to give the concept of marking a new influence that does not take these often strict rules so seriously and conveys fun.

Mother and daughter

The pink metal frame consists of two parts: One of them was hung with small plastic waste findings and self-designed figures made of Fimo and leaned against the wall. The other barren piece of metal leans behind a pipe and faces the large frame. The essential feature of the work is its fragility. This runs through several thematic areas, such as the relationship to oneself and to others, but also to the different generations and the environment in which we live. Climate change also plays a major role here and is reflected in the choice of materials as well as the structure.

Primarily, it is about the waste products that we produce every day and that have been on our earth in the form of microplastics for generations. This conflation is meant to represent the double-edged situation we find ourselves in. Plastic eyelash nails and jewellery as well as extensions are compared with faded plastic waste worn out by the sea.



born in Sanok, Poland
Studies at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, specialising in: painting, sculpture, installation, film
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Selected Solo and group Exhibitions

2022 D.8CHT, Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne (G)
nur böse Malerei, Helios, Cologne (S)
plac zabaw -Skulptur & Malerei, Gold und Beton, Cologne (S)
Addicted - Skulptur & Malerei, Hafen-Akademie, Cologne (G)
2021 Weird Space, Düsseldorf (S)
Stop and smell the roses - Malerei, Window Shop, Düsseldorf (S)
Malerei, Wasserturm, Krefeld (G)
2020 Organized Fun - Malerei, White Room, Düsseldorf (S)
2019 Parallel Worlds Installation & Performance, Offraum 8, Düsseldorf (S)
Clean Living - Malerei, Offraum 8, Düsseldorf (G)
Bleached - Installation, ASTA Ausstellungsraum, Düsseldorf (G)
2018 Blank Slate - Installation & Malerei, reinraum e.V. Galerie, Düsseldorf (S)
Rundgang - Skulptur, Malerei, Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf (G)
demystify - Malerei, rooooom, Düsseldorf (G)
2017 Rundgang - Skulptur, Malerei, Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf (G)
2016 Installation & Performance, Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf (S)
Installation & Performance, Good Forever Galerie, Düsseldorf (G)
Klasse Grünfeld - Sculpture, W57 Galerie, Düsseldorf (G)




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