Rosa Helene Weiland

lives and works/studies in Düsseldorf

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My working method begins with the discovery of materials that come into my field of vision by chance and are incorporated into the work through a conscious decision. As a rule, these are various materials that tell a story or discarded remnants of older works.

Sometimes I work on them or keep them for a long period of time until they are included in the working process. What interests me about this is the revisiting of what has already been discarded and the feeling of a connection between different periods.

Through my "haptic painting", which, in the combination of paint and waxed leather yarn, can work on fabrics of different weights and thicknesses and thus make them into one, a moment of growing together and spreading out arises in the new work.
I am attracted by the possibility of holding together different substrates with different expressions through a common rhythm.

In this work I mainly act as a helper for the coalescence of the work by letting the leather grain eat through the fabrics.
The painterly moments that are sewn together are partly spontaneous in the work or arise in a moment that was not explicitly initiated for this purpose. In this way, conscious decisions and unconscious coincidences naturally grow together.

These processes, which are in themselves simple, recurring sequences and repetitions, serve a purpose and at the same time have a tiring futility about them. It is precisely because of this persistent repetition and the time it takes that an expression emerges in the work that I find very interesting.

It takes on a heaviness that at the same time contrasts with the simplicity of the decision, the way of working.

In relation to my artistic work, I am interested in a natural system that is connected in its functionality to every moment, to every factor acting from the outside. In this context, I am fascinated by how revealing and logical, for example, a square metre of forest floor can be. Everything you see at that moment is the result of a large and many small cycles that have a coherent sequence and are connected to external influences.
The result is touching and simple at the same time. What is appealing about it is the unagitated result of a cycle whose purpose is not to create aesthetics but to progress in stoic constancy and to let the factors involved mesh like cogwheels.

Superimpositions and the linking of different states, a juxtaposition of heaviness and lightness, different tempos, is what comes more and more to the fore in my work. Instead of capturing things individually, I find it more meaningful to create connections and thereby discover surprising correspondences and contrasts. In the process, picturally depicted ideas and everyday materials that speak for themselves are given equal space.



born in Düsseldorf
Annual internship in stage painting and stage sculpture, Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Opera Workshop Düsseldorf/Duisburg
Communication Design, Bachelor of Arts`19 Peter Behrens School of Arts, HSD
Major in painting with Prof. Ton Van der Laaken
Major in fine arts bei Stephan Kaluza
Studies at the Art Academy Düsseldorf, Orientation Section
seit 2020
Studies with Professorin Sabrina Fritsch at the Art Academy Düsseldorf
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Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 D.8CHT, Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne
Rundgang, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
Rundgang, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
Temporärer Offspace, Gerresheimer Straße 100, Düsseldorf
Sittart Verein der Düsseldorfer Künstler/innen, Düsseldorf
Kunstverein Oberhausen, Kunstsommer 2019, Oberhausen




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