Nach Strich und Faden

The Galerie Biesenbach LAB (laboratory = project space) is integrated into our new premises at Lindenstraße 34 in Cologne. The LAB functions as an experimental platform for contemporary art. The artists exhibited there are not firmly anchored in the gallery programme, but vary from exhibition to exhibition. The LAB thus offers them the space and opportunity to realise their projects in the gallery context. The exhibition space is designed to be flexible, so that it is possible to install a single room as a LAB in the gallery or to integrate the presentation into the current exhibitions. The LAB presents established and emerging artists with changing exhibitions curated by the gallery.

From Friday 26 July, we will be showing the LAB solo exhibition Nach Strich und Faden by German artist Kira Fröse – winner of our 9th ART MATTERS competition a year ago. Nach Strich und Faden will be integrated into our parallel main exhibition Sergio Femar & Árpád Forgó: Texture Structure Volume.

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Artist Statement:

My work is emotive and focused on one’s desire for haptic experiences. Glossy surfaces, structured fluid forms and dynamic matter – the confrontation of stagnation and movement fascinates and inspires me.

Through the use of color, organic, playful, and dynamic shapes, my work wants to seduce and invite the viewers to experience what is in front of them with their own senses and imagination. Subconsciously influenced by the aesthetics of nature and objects of everyday life, I create static forms that depict motion and appear to be smooth and light despite the heaviness of their substance. Observing more closely one can perceive that aesthetics can only endure through the presence of unaesthetic detail.

The materials I prefer using are ceramics, plastic, plaster, glass and textile, because they have the most haptic and satisfying effect on me. All these materials have their own will and come along with a certain stubbornness by their very nature – just like me.

During the process of creating work I knead, I stroke, I strike, I construct and touch everything with my hands: "I have to touch this.“

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26/07 – 24/08/2024

Vernissage with Tasting
Friday 26 July
6 – 9pm
Kira Fröse is present.

Summer Tasting
Olive Oil & Bread & Wine
26/07: 6 – 9pm + 27/07: 12 – 4pm
Ò Lina Olive Oil

Opening Hours
Tue – Fri   12 – 6pm
Sat   12 – 4pm
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Ute Krafft

Words Take Hold


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Words take hold

Saturday, 12/11. 16-21h: Performances: 4.30pm, 5.30pm, 6.30pm, 7.30pm

Sunday, 13/11. 12-4pm: Performances: 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm

Ute Krafft about the performance: "In my performance "Of Hands and People" - "Words take hold", I go a multimedia interactive way and document impressions of the hands of various artists of the gallery Biesenbach, accompanied by the listening experience of poems and texts created by an A.I. (artificial intelligence). Visitors are not only allowed to watch and listen, but can actively participate in the performance.

Quotation: "The hand sets language free", literature and media scientist Jochen Hörisch

Ute Krafft (*1963, Hermannstadt, Romania) shows for the first time in Germany the interdisciplinary art project "Words take hold". A German sculptor, painter and caricaturist, she became known primarily for the caricatures of German politicians and other celebrities that she created for the television series "Hurra Deutschland" beginning in the late 1980s. For the 2006 World Cup, she designed the talking soccer ball Pille, which was held by the lion Goleo as a mascot for the World Cup.

Of Hands and People - Words take hold

Ute Krafft, has cast hands of individual artists of the gallery and exhibits the resulting sculptures in the gallery Biesenbach. At the same time, the respective prefaces from the artists' catalogs can be perceived visually and acoustically. Texts that were previously transformed into poems by an artificial intelligence (A.I.) with the help of an app are recited live by actresses present. The respective catalog texts are projected onto the hands and the wall via a beamer and thus become visible.

The artist ASKI (*1965, Duisburg) has transformed the catalog texts into poems through an app. ASKI developed an app for this project in 2022 with integrated A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), so that visitors can also interact with the A.I.. The A.I. is to place the words in a new context in terms of content.

In parallel, the texts, which have also been changed by visitors, are read aloud via a sound system. The idea behind it: to capture something of the spirit of the gallery in this way, which in this particular case is also determined by an atmosphere not created by human spirit alone.

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Our second exhibition at the Haus der Stiftungen, funded by the Stiftung Kunstfonds/Neustart Kultur, is a light installation that is visible across the entire façade of the building and can be controlled from the outside via an app.


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The Cologne artist ASKI îlluminates the complete facade of the gallery building. Through the sponsorship of the Stiftung Kunstfonds it is possible to show an exhibition without having to enter.  Every visitor can get in touch with us through an app and influence the installation.  Daily from 17.30h the light play on the facade starts and ends around 22.30H. During the opening hours of the gallery, every visitor can influence the installation via different displays.

The House of Foundations in Cologne, is illuminated by the cooperation of Galerie Biesenbach with Galerie Seippel from October 30  2021 on the facade of Zeughausstrasse 26. Until April 1, 2022, the installation will be adapted and restructured again and again  by the artist ASKI.


Visitors can observe the play of lights or influence the light change through interaction.


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Our second exhibition with the Haus der Stiftungen begins on 30 October 2021 at 6pm and can be visited until 6 March 2022.






Someone Alive

Our first exhibition – funded by the Stiftung Kunstfonds/Neustart Kultur – in the project space of the Haus der Stiftungen begins with a vernissage on 24 September at 6pm and can be visited until 23 October 2021.


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Someone Alive

Exhibition text "Someone Alive", 2021, Artist: ASKI

Cologne-based artist ASKI plays with possibilities offered by new technologies in the visual arts. In his current group of works entitled "Cybernetic Objects", microprocessors, LEDs and displays are combined with everyday objects or integrated into minimalist objects. What is remarkable here is that ASKI emphasises the software running on the microprocessors as an independent component of the artwork - it is not visible, but has a significant influence on the overall work.

In the “Haus der Stiftungen”, Cologne, the Biesenbach Gallery in cooperation with the Seippel Gallery will be showing three objects by ASKI in the "Project Room" from 24 September 2021. With a height of 180 cm, the wall objects are life-size, but their small depth of 3 cm makes them look like pictures. The objects react to the presence of visitors via sensors and can change the light inside. The exhibition objects seem to decide for themselves how to deal with a visitor, they become exhibition subjects.

The exhibition is entitled "Someone Alive", this phrase is the gender-neutral version of the exclamation "Man alive": sailors shout this phrase when they examine a shipwreck and find people still alive on board.

On the outside, the artworks consist of shadow gap frames in which metal plates are suspended. Visitors are allowed to touch these metal plates. This touching of the copper plates can also occasionally trigger changes in the light, but the actual effect of the touch is more long-term, because every fingerprint on the copper leads to permanent traces of the visitors. Every visitor who touches the work thus leaves a trace of himself and through the traces one can observe an ageing process of the artwork.

We as visitors can observe the play of lights or influence the change through our interaction.

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