New Works

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New Works is the fifth solo exhibition of the German painter at Galerie Biesenbach. New oil paintings from the years 2018 and 2019 will be shown. The exhibition will be rehung and extended with new paintings for the Midissage on 30 November.

Markus Fräger's works open up worlds whose protagonists seem today and therefore familiar to us. The depicted scenes seem to have been taken from life. They suggest to the viewer that they secretly become eyewitnesses to a moment, a fleeting situation.

At the same time, Fräger's oeuvre exudes something enigmatic, inaccessible, surreal. The Chiaroscuro of his oil paintings contributes to this: Bright (Italian: "chiaro") light accents and dark ("oscuro"), shaded picture areas form exciting contrasts and charge the scenes atmospherically. The broad brushstroke, which partly dissolves the figurative, also serves this dramatic effect. The different levels of reality merge.

The painting technique with oil paint and the chiaroscuro of the muted palette - often equipped with a petroleum green characteristic of Fräger - are reminiscent of old masters such as Titian or Rembrandt. On the other hand, old master compositions are often quoted by Markus Fräger as picture within picture.

Markus Fräger, born 1959 in Hamm, lives and works in Cologne. The painter's works can be found in renowned private and public collections such as Ines and Jürgen Graf Foundation for Art, Culture and Industrial Design, Cologne; Klöcker Collection; Mittelrhein Museum, Koblenz; Miltenberg Municipal Museum; Vatican Museums, Vatican City.

Artist portrait by Martina Handwerker

Friday, 8 November
6 – 9 pm
in the presence of the artist

Saturday, 7 December
12 – 6 pm
new presentation

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