Lionel Sabatté

Who knows how many flowers had to fall

Spring invites you to stroll, to stroll ... This season was chosen by the New Institute Franco-Chinese, the Bullukian Foundation and Gadagne museums to present an unprecedented course in Lyon around the work of the artist Lionel Sabatté.

At the crossroads of Chinese and Lyonnais cultures, the work bears the symbols of longevity, auspiciousness, openness and exchange, thus becoming a bridge between the two continents.

At Gadagne Museums - Court of Gadagne Hotel

From a first bonsai refleuri in 2014 using dead skin and nail clippings, Lionel Sabatté starts a series of works entitled Printemps (2015-2016-2017), dead trees to which he gives a second life thanks to an artificial flowering. The mulberry tree installed in the courtyard of the Hotel de Gadagne is no exception to the rule: the desiccated branches bud again these flowers "skin color" that give the work a double effect of attraction and repulsion. The dead skinned flowers of Lionel Sabatté remind us that even the beauty of the rose can be betrayed: "as with this flower, old age will tarnish your beauty". This mulberry silkworm is finally an opportunity to pay tribute to the history of the city of Lyon: part of a tradition of silk production initiated in the 15th century.

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