Adults Only

"Two's a party, three's a crowd - I'm surprised what gets allowed" (Martin Fry, ABC) - Or not allowed?

The gallery Biesenbach points out at least several times that the works shown by Tom Bianchi, Rebecca Bournigault, Bob Carlos Clarke, Julien Comte-Gaz, Viviane Gernaert, Beate Höing, Matt Lambert, Jans Muskee, Stuart Sandford and Roland Schappert according to the title "Adults Only"are really only legally seen from the age of 18. Where political statements in the arts hardly have a provocative character, let alone the once-hoped-for subversiveness, there is still potential in the portrayal of sexuality if not of scandal, at least of offense. In Beate Höing's ceramics, even Medusa appears coquettish, and the scandal in her work is more the moving suffering in the faces of her characters. Julien Comte-Gaz's roughly screened details have more of the imaginative indiscretion of the keyhole perspective, and with Rebecca Bournigault, the obvious runs through the abstractions of her watercolor technique. But Jans Muskee stages the scandal as Buñuel's provocations, but here in the petty-bourgeois, Protestant idyll. Rarely seen artists to a neglected theme give the exhibition almost museum value.
by Oliver Tepel

Adults Only

Vernissage 18. January 2019, 7–9 pm
18/1 – 9/3/2019
Galerie Biesenbach
St.-Apern-Straße 44-46
50667 Köln/Cologne