Wieland Payer

Under the title Dialogue by Moonlight, the Kunstverein Gera presents in a double exhibition the works of the artists Wieland Payer and Simon Pasieka.

Two contemporary positions of different generations of artists, which unmistakably seek their starting point in the human - nature relationship of Romanticism. Common to both is the depiction of fictional worlds, in which the visitor would like to immerse themselves: a pleasure alternative to the increasingly hectic and rapid pace of our times. But the idyllic nature is deceptive. It is disturbed by surrealistic pictorial constructions and mysterious scenes that create a peculiar artificiality and give the impression of being from another world and time. The pastel works of Wieland Payer, born in 1981 in Erfurt, show splendidly radiant mountain and forest landscapes, in which, however, unusual geometrical forms and appearances irritate the viewer's gaze. On the one hand, these formations are abstract forms, but on the other hand they give the impression that they could have come from another world and time. His "dialogue partner" is the artist Simon Pasieka, born in Kleve in 1967, who lives and works in Paris since 1998. Compared to the deserted landscapes of Payers populate ageless acting figures that dominate the image through ritualizing actions, the works of Pasieka. The illustrated nature serves Pasieka primarily as a backdrop for the actions of his protagonists. They rest, they follow their thoughts and dreams, they slip into roles, play and dance - detached from civilizational constraints, and trust - it seems - to find a way out of the childlike crisis of meaning.