Wieland Payer

Wieland Payer (born 1981 in Erfurt, lives in Erfurt and Dresden) captures landscapes behind their visible appearance: he points to inner structure, hidden transformation, unexpected metamorphosis, clarifying reduction. On his many travels and hikes - 2016 in Iceland - he lets himself be inspired, in search of an unbiased, undisguised look.

The artist has dedicated himself to the weightlessness of pastels like no other contemporary. He poses in the summer exhibition at the B.C. Koekkoek House for the first time on the Lower Rhine with pastels, lithographs and objects, an overview of his work of the past eight years.

When you engage in Payer's landscape illusory world, it seems like a veiled revelation, intensified presence in timelessness and floating, unique in its sincerity. Wieland Payer stands with the art of our time and provides new viewing experience.

The dialogue with the collection of the Künstlerhaus der Romantik continues a recurrent theme in the exhibition program - Wieland Payer is a guest of the "Prince of Landscape Painters".