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Tokyo 1.0

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In cooperation with Hideaki Yamanobe and with the kind support of the Japanese Cultural Institute Cologne, we present for the first time artists from the Japanese metropolis Tokyo in our city exhibition series.
What is happening in the art cities of the world? What is happening to young painters, sculptors and photographers? Which tendencies are there? From the beginning, these questions formed the basis of the long-term, cyclical series of group exhibitions that provide insights into the current trends and developments of various art centers and launched seven aspiring artists from the British capital: London 1.0. Not commonality is the leitmotif, but the diversity of artistic positions. Working in various media, the artists are linked by the fact that they live and work in one and the same city. They convey an eclectic picture of the art scene of their metropolis. In co-operation with curators, galleries and artists exciting, interesting possibilities arise to get to know other art worlds and to discover young artists who in many cases are offered a platform to present their art in Cologne and Germany for the first time.
After London 1.0, the exhibition series continued with cities such as Berlin, Paris, Cologne and Athens. With Berlin 2.0, London 2.0 and Paris 2.0, various cities have already entered the second round. With Tokyo 1.0, Galerie Biesenbach is now showing painting, sculpture and photography by 6 artists from Tokyo:
Michiko Nakatani (* 1981 in Tokyo, lives and works in Tokyo) presents subtle-powerful negative reliefs, pressed into plaster blocks, colored and filled with synthetic resin. Yoshio Ogawa (* 1962 in Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka, lives and works in Tokyo) paints abstract, gestural and expressive. He prefers to work with strong oil colors on canvas and paper. With the goal of creating a new dimension, the photo artist Koji Sekimoto (* 1969 in Kobe, lives and works in Toyko) makes the still life of the entire image space himself and shoots it with a digital camera. This imaginary world created with great care is real, as photography it can create an even clearer connection to society. Yuuki Sori (* 1985 in Aichi, Chubu, lives and works in Tokyo) is inspired by traditional Japanese painting techniques and works with pigments on gold leaf and silver. His floral compositions are reminiscent of patterns found in fashion or paper wallpapers. Sakiko Sugimura (* 1988 in Tokyo, lives and works in Tokyo) produces fragile-looking miniature sculptures preferably made of bronze and aluminum, in particular their bronze castings in lost form are influenced by chance. The delicate watercolors by Hideaki Yamanobe (* 1964 in Tokyo, lives and works in Tokyo and Dusseldorf) are inspired by non-tangible phenomena such as light, clouds and fog. The painter renounces strictly figurative depiction in order to stage this diffuse area of ​​the apparitions and their mood in an atmospheric and pictorial manner.
21/05 – 18/06/2016

Michiko Nakatani
Yoshio Ogawa

Koji Sekimoto
Yuuki Sori

Sakiko Sugimura
Hideaki Yamaobe




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